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When you’re hypersensitive to your environment, whether your sensitivity involves food, molds, or chemicals, it’s downright hard to find a health professional who can get to the root of the problem and create a plan to restore your health. Jonathan Collin, MD, is dedicated to helping each patient, using special lab testing that precisely determines their food sensitivities and the toxins in their body. To schedule an appointment, call one of the offices in Port Townsend or Kirkland, Washington.

Special Lab Testing

Can a special lab test identify my food sensitivities?

One of the specialized tests offered by Dr. Collin is the Alcat Test, which evaluates your reaction to over 450 substances. Your test results show exactly which foods you should avoid based on your sensitivities and which substances trigger inflammation in your body.

The details provided by the Alcat Test can help you adjust your diet, heal your body, and reduce the symptoms caused by gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic disorders, and inflammatory conditions.

What should I know about mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are abundant in the environment, where they’re produced by molds and are commonly found in foods, such as cereals, nuts, and dried fruits. Exposure to mycotoxins causes a variety of health problems, including fungal sinusitis, peripheral neuropathy, asthma, chronic fatigue, immune deficiencies, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Patients with persistent, unexplained symptoms often don’t realize they may have been exposed to molds and mycotoxins. That’s when testing with the MycoTOX or Organic Acids Test may help.

The MycoTox uses a single urine sample to screen for 11 different mycotoxins and 40 species of mold. The Organic Acids Test also check for mycotoxins, as well as invasive yeast and candida overgrowth.

Can I get a special lab test for chemical toxins?

With the GPL-Tox Profile, it only takes one urine sample to learn whether your body contains toxic chemicals. The test checks for 172 chemicals, including those associated with mitochondrial disorders and many other proven toxins, such as phthalates, insecticides, and organophosphate pesticides.

What other special lab tests are available?

These are just two additional lab tests Dr. Collin uses to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and create a personalized treatment plan:

Comprehensive stool analysis

Gastrointestinal problems are one of the most common problems affecting patients; they’re also one of the most difficult to diagnose without specific lab tests. This comprehensive stool analysis evaluates how well your digestive tract is working and detects the presence of pathogens.

Nagalase in serum and plasma

Nagalase is an enzyme that’s secreted by cancerous and virus-infected cells. Dr. Collin uses this special lab test to monitor the effectiveness of treatments for cancer and viral infections, including HIV.

To learn more about special lab tests or to schedule an appointment, call Jonathan Collin, MD.