Dr. Collin's Medical Approach


Dr. Collin's appointments offer a lengthy office visit permitting ample time to review the medical history, conduct examination, do laboratory testing and recommend treatment protocol. Patients provide information about their medical conditions, treatments, and prescriptions but also about their nutrition, use of supplements, as well as "alternative" therapies. Dr. Collin's consultation seeks to "integrate" conventional medical treatment with "alternative" therapies optimizing the health outcome using both approaches and minimizing adverse effects of drugs. The consultation is like a second opinion to see if treatment recommendations advised previously are optimal or need a change in direction. Time spent with the patient concerns, even the less important problems, often provides clues to devising a better treatment approach using both medicine and alternative therapies. Patients are encouraged to share their opinions—too often medicine ignores simple solutions which are often simpler and less toxic. It has been quipped that if the diagnosis is right, and the treatment protocol is correct, the patient outcome is not important. Dr. Collin believes that nothing is more important than the patient outcome—the diagnosis and treatment protocol are secondary.

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