Chelation Therapy: How to Prevent Or Reverse Hardening of the Arteries


Heart attacks kill more than one million Americans annually. Millions more suffer life-threatening strokes, high blood pressure, expensive (and dangerous) surgery, or a costly and uncomfortable regimen.

One adult in four already suffers from hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, or poor blood circulation, and doesn't even know it. One in two will die from these ills.

But here is the most incredible news of all:
Virtually all of these deaths and disabilities may be preventable! The evidence is overwhelming that chelation therapy works. Over 100,000 patients in the United States—many diagnosed with crippling or fatal heart problems—are living proof. They now lead normal, productive, healthy and happy lives, thanks to this remarkable treatment.

Yet the medical establishment, the drug cartel, government bureaucrats, and the health insurance industry are suppressing a treatment that has proven it can prevent or reverse hardening of the arteries and save lives!

Here is the whole, incredible story of Chelation Therapy: How to Prevent Or Reverse Hardening Of The Arteries by Dr. Morton Walker. Dr. Walker writes: "My four years of research since I learned of the therapy, interviewing more than one hundred physicians who give the injections and several hundred patients who have taken them, have proven beyond question that medical science has a potent tool to stop the diseases derived from the degeneration of our arteries."

In Chelation Therapy: How To Prevent Or Reverse Hardening Of The Arteries, you will meet the chelation pioneers—those respected and courageous physicians who risked their careers and their reputations to investigate a treatment that was saving patients' lives—Drs. Norman E. Clarke, H. Ray Evers, Bruce W. Halstead, Charles H. Fair, Warren M. Levin, Harold W. Harper, Garry F. Gordon, and their colleagues.

You'll learn of more than 1,000 physicians who have given more than two million chelation treatments to over 400,000 patients—with no known fatalities and a remarkable record of recoveries.

But even more important, as Dr. Morton Walker reports, "This book can save your life. I hope you will use it!"

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